Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i'm going to paris!

:) :) :)

i bought my ticket today!
soooooooo happy!
i feel like i've just been proposed to harhar.
(ooohhhh and congratulations to blog friends who have all gotten engaged!)

i'm getting on a nonstop flight to paris which arrives at 10 am on the 8th of may.
10 days in the land of
before sunset
la vie en rose
yummy food

since my parents wouldn't let me go by myself, i will be going with my dad. which is fine by me! he's cool to be with and is very brave - he's going to be driving in the left side of the car on the left side of the road. plus he's quite generous avec l'argent. :)
instead of staying at a hotel (which is so pricey!) we're staying at an apartment in the heart of the quartier latin (!!!). 15 minutes away from the louvre, musee d'orsay. sigh.

have you ever been to paris, friends? if so, tell me about it! which cafe was your favorite? favorite place to shop at? (i am not shopping this time prior to the trip- big mistake i made when i went to rome and california. i am doing my shopping there!) what did you think of it? any suggestions? OR, if you haven't been, where did you always want to go?


John M said...

i'm so happy for you!

Leanna said...

mel!! this is wonderful news!! you must fill me in on all the details soon!

i saw this online and thought of YOU: -- vintage, classic, chic!!


Leanna said...

this is cool too:

Antoinette said...

Great news! Your 2009 list is off to a great start. :)

megan and melissa said...

Congrats! It always feels so good to make one of your dreams come true. You'll have to take lots of pictures when you go!


Mon Petit Lapin said...

I'm so excited for you woop! Big Parisian email coming your way this weekend!x

karyn said...

yipeee!!! lucky lady. you will have so much fun and i am jealous. but can't wait to hear all about your adventures. c'est tres bien! (i wish i knew some more sophisticated french.)

copperseal said...

so jealous!!! i have had this constant urge to go and travel the world soon! have a splendid time!! you must keep us posted with wonderful pictures.

oh, hello friend. said...

that is so exciting!
i would love to go to paris!!

Claudia said...

Paris is so nice (I went a few times) but mostly, just like any destinations (to my opinion anyway) your attitude will make all the difference. Paris can be as crappy as any other place if you are "grumpy and tired" (it was my case once but just for a few days!) but I'm sure that you will have a lot of fun. Oh, I also went to Paris with my dad a few years ago. So I don't really have any recommendation...just follow your instinct...Paris is the kind of place that you just walk around and discover things as you go. Take your time, read a book in a park, slowly eat macarons on a bridge, drink coffee while people fun :)