Sunday, January 18, 2009

on crochet trim, potholders and before sunset.

i made a few things.

this is heavily influenced by anabela. i love it because it's simple, compact and it fits the essential items.

this is for a little girl named jennifer. i made her another tote a long time ago.

i'm proud of myself because i actually lined it the correct and proper way. :)

i also like the straps. :) i normally take the messy way out by making something similar to bias tapes (except thicker) and just top stitching it. this time, i used karyn's crafty contraption: heavy string, bobbin as a weight, safety pin to pull the entire thing inside out.

this is a picture of the unfinished potholder that i made for my friend leslie. (inspired by karyn's beautiful potholders!) he likes to make cheesecake when he's stressed. i also made him a simple full apron (not pictured) out of cotton twill, and i used blue thread so that you can see a nice outline of blue.

and that is all is all. i'm dying to buy fabric, after seeing all the nice new fabrics that karyn has at the store!
my dad borrowed some parisian and french tours on dvd over the weekend.
i won't ever watch one again.
i'm afraid i might get disillusioned. although a lot of people say that i will absolutely love it.
soi have decided to just watch movies that are set in paris.
today's movie is before sunset. i wish they'd make another sequel. except i don't know how they'll call it. before dusk? hardeeharhar.
this movie has significant meaning because i was watching this movie around the time i was slowly falling for john. in the movie so much importance is placed in those rare connections you make with people. and what can happen if you just let it slip by.
i'm so glad i didn't.

i hope everyone had a good weekend! :)
mighty snowy in toronto. i built a fort with my little sister in the backyard today. hopefully it lasts for a while. we did very well, if i do say so myself.


John M said...

maybe it should be called after noon.hahaha i like the tote, the hold-all, and the potholder. can you make me one of each? please ;)

Wendy said...

everything looks great! especially love the little house/pocket on the tote. cute and functional :)

copperseal said...

that first handbag with the lace trim is my cup of tea!!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Lovely things you've made :) I especially like the purse. You have seen before sunrise as well as before sunset right?

noelle chantal said...

soo adorable! very creative of you!

anabela said...

Aw, how sweet!

Antoinette said...

I love the black, white and red with the varied patterns! Well done. Also, wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blogger award -- come see over at

oh, hello friend. said...

those are all SO lovely! :)
do you have any tips on how to attach the lace to the fabric? it is so difficult for me!

Claudia said...

OMG, wow wow wow...everything is so beautiful!