Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dream big.

one of my secret dreams & wishes was to experience an elton john concert.
it remained secret because i never thought it would come true.

but it will!!!

i bought tickets to see elton john, live with billy joel (!) on may 30 for their face 2 face concert!

oh elton, you had me at goodbye yellow brick road.

i am so happy.

ps: as morbid as this sounds, i've requested my sister to have them play this song and skyline pigeon on my funeral day.
pps: what was your favorite concert? the best ones i've gone to so far are dashboard's dusk and summer tour & spice girls (and i am not ashamed to admit it!) world tour.
ppps: i would love to see enya or yanni or sara brightman one day. that would be lovely.


Q's Daydream said...

Oh, how much fun!!! Sadly the one person I would kill to see in concert, is dead...haha! :o)

I love Enya!

Antoinette said...

This concert sounds great! My favorite? Prince...

John M said...

i'm so happy for you! and your dads going too! it's going to be great!

jona rhica said...

i love elton as well. although 'goodbye yellow brick road' is a fine choice, my fave is 'daniel'. the vocals on it are insane.

uh...i probably shouldn't get into best concerts, as i have probably blabbed on about that stuff during our english lectures :P

autumn's darkroom said...

I like your blog! I got tickets, too! May 14th. I am out of my mind excited.

autumn's darkroom said...

I hope Elton does 'the Border Song' and 'I think I'm gonna kill myself.' And Billy does 'scenes from an italian restaurant' and 'new york state of mind.' And 'goodnight saigon.' :) I think I'm going to cry when they start playing!

Jennifer Lim said...

Hi there, can't remember how I found you, but really like all your sewing projects. I shop at the workroom too ( when I get out there). Just wanted to say hi, as I'll probably pop in and out.

Anonymous said...