Sunday, January 25, 2009

je t'aimerai plus fort

i. i love this ad for cherie. it's so bright. so pink. this captures la vie en rose. this makes me more excited for paris!
ii. i love dior products. i used to use clinique, up until i discovered that the toner was BURNING my face. clinique toners have alcohol.
iii. i had a thirty minute complimentary facial at the bay. it was heaven.
iv. bought two cardigans, a top and a pair of shoes at h&m. ARGH.
v. spent an afternoon avec la soeur. it was very lovely. my sister is one of the few best people to hang out with.
vi. i saw revolutionary road. it's very sad. but not in an overwhelming way ( i didn't cry at all, which is what i tend to do when i watch sad movies. i was, however, tensed the entire time). the sadness is subtle, in the form of tiny pinpricks.
vii. i watched two for the road. another "before-and-after" movie on marriage. i love this movie though. audrey hepburn was great, and so was albert finney. i was weirded out the first time i saw it because i've always known him as daddy warbucks the baldie from annie.
viii. i altered and took in a dress that i got a long time ago but never wore because it was too big. i am very pleased with myself! tomorrow i will be hemming it (which scares me!)
ix. antoinette has awarded me with the kreativ blogger award! thank you so much antoinette! i am very honored and am smiling from cheek to cheek. :) (i will do a separate post for this one!)

anyhoo, i hope everyone had a great weekend! it's monday, which means back to work.
now say it slowly and fake it until you make it: "i love monday mornings. i love my job" :D


John M said...

the sadness is subtle, in the form of tiny pinpricks. what a great line!

copperseal said...

i love this advertisement as well! loving your blog :)

karyn said...

what a fun way to start my monday! hope you have a brilliant day today.

Antoinette said...

If you can handle Revolutionary Road, you are ready for another tattoo then! LOL Will you show before and after photos of the altered dress?