Saturday, January 3, 2009

lovely brown paper & other things

they didn't include "brown paper packages" in "these are a few of my favorite things" for nothing.

there's something so lovely about brown/kraft paper. it's basically a blank canvas - you can dress it up with different kinds of ornaments without making it tacky.
this post was sort of inspired by karyn, who is truly the master crafter. she has written about brown paper packages. instead of using tape, she opted for stitches and scrap of fabric. i am most definitely going to take my queue from her!

being influenced by amazing crafters of the blog world, i decided to use kraft paper and fabric for all of my presents this year.

these mugs with the ceramic spoons are quite in. i included christmas hot chocolate mixes/christmas teas and lindor balls.

because of the consecutive snowstorms and lack of well-ventilated areas in my house, i couldn't do snap coin purses (silicon gel is very potent!). so i made mini make up kits and travel kits. i've filled them with travel-sized toothpastes, shampoos, toothbrushes, soaps, etc.

my good friend raiya baked lots of cookies to give away as presents. in exchange for some and to have some hang out time with her, i volunteered to package up the cookies (they were very yummy by the way!) for her. with her help cutting out the fabric, they were all done in less than an hour!

these tags were lasercut by karyn at the workroom. these papers are by amy butler. the mini clothesline pins were from etsy.

these little pompoms, which i call snowflakes (perhaps in the summer they can pass for flowers. hardeehar). this was inspired by melissa who had an entire post on gift wrapping ideas. my brother helped me make all of these!

went on a little splurge at michael's. the red/white thread? twine? i found at the paper place on queen street.

i wrapped the travel kits and the makeup kits with brown paper and used some pretty parisian gift wrapping paper i got from deserres. i used little brown envelopes to hold the shipping tags i used as gift tags.

blank brown paper bags are not so plain anymore. i placed the mugs in these bags.

i had wanted to wrap the lasercut greeting cards in fabric envelopes, but because i didn't have enough time, i wrapped them in kraft paper too. i made the tags out of card scraps, punched a hole in it so that the stamped christmas ornament will peek through. i've also rounded out the edges.

and that is all. for the first time i enjoyed wrapping up my presents...i think it was because everything was made from scratch. and i have you all very talented people to thank for! :)
i am so excited for valentine's'll be the perfect time to put to use everything i've learned during the christmas season.


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Wow melissa I am so impressed by your wrapping! You must have lots of friends for all those gifts teehee! I love brown paper too and this Christmas dressed it up with red and white checked ribbon and gold shiny paper, inspired by yours and Karyns posts I must post a picture too!x

John M said...

wow!! they are so beautiful. no wonder you were so busy the past couple of weeks

Kyle said...

i *love* the pompoms. and also adore red and white string--it reminds me of buying cupcakes at my favorite bakery. :)

karyn said...

i heart your pom poms especially. I've been meaning to make some (attached to some softie bunnies!) what sweet and thoughtful gifts.

a cat of impossible colour said...

You are the queen of gift-wrapping!

megan and melissa said...

So cute! Thanks for the mention, you are too sweet-- your pom poms look great! I hope your holidays were wonderful, mine were great, and I am now getting back to the regular things, like blogs and such. Have a good tomorrow!

Lauren said...

I don't normally comment, but these are just too cute not to say anything!

They make me want to take back all of the gifts I gave and re-wrap them!


- Lauren

Ransacked Goods said...

LOVE how you've tied these all up. Thanks for the inspiration!