Monday, March 9, 2009

25 things.

hello friends.
i have completely neglected this blog so to update it i've decided to list 25 random things about me. i have been tagged on facebook but didn't really feel like posting this there.

1. i just bought the 13 inch macbook and i'm quite frustrated.
i named it hiro nakamura (my favorite character from heroes).

2. i used to crush on cartoon characters: gambit from x-men, darien from sailor moon and eric from little mermaid.

3. i still do not have my license. fine by me. i catch up on sleep on the train.

4. i started reading the sweet valley high books in grade 4 and i secretly did so from my mom. i thought it was scandalous at the time because of all the kissing parts. i also that the same way about the betty and veronica comics.

5. my barbie doll didn't date ken. she dated my brother's gambit action figure. i also used to make them kiss, for which i got in trouble. my sister, who was such a prude back then, told on me.

6. i keep a moleskine journal. i no longer write profound things (harhar like i ever did). most of the time i just doodle or list good things that happened to me during the day.

7. i went clubbing for the first time two weeks ago with my co-workers, and i really enjoyed it. it was at a classy club where most of the guys wore suits and the girls were in nice dresses. it was different from what i had imagined it to be (dingy, dark and sketchy).

8. making my bed in the morning is that one consistent thing i do each day.

9. i have problems with saving money. my investment is in my closet. hardeehar.

10. the first concert i attended was our lady peace.

11. i always take the aisle seat at the theater or on the plane because i go to the washroom often.

12. my closet looks like yogurt because of all the creamy tops i have purchased. i love cream.

13. i always order the same thing from the menu.

14. i clean my bathroom or bake when i am anxious.

15. i haven't used my sewing maching in two months.

16. my favorite karaoke songs are making love out of nothing at all and total eclipse of the heart.

17. i secretly wish that i was half japanese and half something. hehe. not so secret anymore. japanese girls are gorgeous. i also secretly wish that i had been born and raised in france. not so secret anymore either.

18. i would like to redecorate my room. it's screaming to be redecorated, what with all the fabric and craft supplies i have amassed over the months.

19. i am a huge sourgrape, especially when i play scrabble and monopoly against john.

20. my most favorite place in the world is anywhere where john is. sounds cheesy, i know. but there, i have said it.

21. i liked high school musical 3.

22. when i was in jk i shaved off my right eyebrow, the day before picture day! my mom got so mad and she cut my bangs in the sideswept fashion so that it would cover the missing brow. i did it because i remember watching my dad shave and being fascinated by it. another stupid eyebrow mishap was when i had the genius idea of plucking my eyebrow with a mini nail clipper (because i couldn't find the tweezers. this is so wrong in so many counts. one of them being that it was totally unsanitary)

23. i can finish an entire bag of chips and box of ice cream. i would also rather snack than eat an actual meal.

24. i have a routine for when i take a shower: hang my towel on the left side of the rack and my bathrobe beside it, so that the towel is the first thing i grab when i am done. after showering, i brush my teeth, then wash my face (the logic behind it is so that i have washed off any toothpaste residue, making it safe to apply my toner), then flush the toilet.

25. i hate daylight savings time...springing forward, that is.


John M said...

Good crowd? ;)

Antoinette said...

#12 makes me laugh! Yogurt closet...

So I am curious -- did you not want to post this on FB because posting it on your blog it feels less personal? I'm curious b/c I also procrastinated doing this meme until I'd gotten 7 FB tags, then I gave in and did it. Kind of like joining FB to begin with LOL!

Michelle said...

i miss sailor moon. it used to come on super early in the morning and I'd get up to watch it before school

Mon Petit Lapin said...

No sewing machine in two months - that IS scandalous! heheh love your list and hope you are good x