Monday, March 23, 2009

there's nothing better than leftover pie and ice cream.
i should really stop wolfing it down.

i finally made a new banner (the last one was from fall! completely forgot to do a winter one).
the banner took forever to do (looks so simple too!) but mac doesn't have a paint program, unlike its windows counterpart. so i downloaded gimp. it's sort of like photoshop. after three hours of google queries and playing around, i have finally gotten it. i'm sure there's more to it than just resizing and cropping images, but i don't think i'll go further than that.

i started working on the mini zipped pouches for TRENDS' makeup event this saturday.
i felt so clumsy with the sewing machine...understandable, after a two-month hiatus. never again! i managed to produce two samples, both of which i can't use for TRENDS. the dimensions of one were too disproportionate. and as for the other pouch, i gave it to my sister who liked the fabric.

harhar. and my altoid tin collection is growing.

i hope everyone had a bearable monday!


anabela / fieldguided said...

Your banner is so pretty! I love the colours.

John M said...

ice cream!

Antoinette said...

Lovely new blog banner! So what's the scoop with the altoid tins...? :)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I love the new banner - its very chic :) And yay for left overs of any sort, but the sweet kind is always the best!


can't wait for your altoid tins to grow as tall as the ceiling! ~Happy spring beautiful!