Monday, February 16, 2009

i'm back & family day.

(in edmonton at the fairmont macdonald)

after a few days (that felt like months) in the west, i am glad to be home.
in those five days i was gone, i:
* visited three provinces: manitoba, sasketchewan and alberta
* slept in a hotel room by myself for the first time (i always share with my sister)
* drank too many vodka sevens
* have gone on too many plane rides (yay for aeroplan points though!)
* rode in a stretch limo to the airport (so it could hold all 7 of us)
* lost a lot of sleep
* had too many cheese cubes and crackers and wine
* had too much coffee and timmy's breakfast sandwiches
* missed my family soooo much
* john withdrawals

and there is just something so comforting about having a tim horton's everywhere. it's that one thing you can count on. i also visited my aunt and uncle and their adorable daughters in edmonton. i had the loveliest time with them, and it included karaoke and singing making love out of nothing at all and total eclipse of the heart at the top of our lungs. again, i ate too much.

today is family day and i woke up at noon. argh. and i feel gross. so i decided to bake a butter cake with browned butter frosting (from my land o'lakes cookbook)

it didn't turn out so well because of the splenda substitution, but it is edible and it still tastes great!

anyhoo, have a happy family day! and i hope you're enjoying the nice warm weather we've been having.


vintijgospogurl said...

hello to you too! lovely blog, i love those cookies and cakes you made! i've tried the banana muffins as well..

xx imelda

Antoinette said...

Beautiful photos! I have made a browned butter icing from one of Nigella's cookbooks (she calls it burnt butter, I think) and it is DIVINE. Makes me hungry... There's really no place like home, is there? :)

megan and melissa said...

That cake looks delicious! Your trip sounds great, hope everything is well with you...I'm wishing for warmer weather here, and I hope it shows up!

caro said...

Hmmm, I have to make such a delicious cake. I think tomorrow will be a good day ;-)
Best C*