Sunday, March 22, 2009

- i am full of pasta, garlic bread and apple crumble pie/triple berry pie with vanilla ice cream

- gravy boats make cute vases

- after all these years i finally saw 13 going on 30. i now have the hugest crush on mark ruffalo. is it the way he speaks? his hair? hmm. i don't know.

- i bought 28 zippers today

- i love cozy dinner parties

- i sort of pulled an ina garten today. had everything ready before everyone came. i even set the table with flowers, harhar. one day i will have my own set of crisp fabric napkins too. i'll make them myself, just to one up her. harhar.

- yay for gossip girl. they finally have a new episode out.

- have a lovely weekend everyone! :)


Antoinette said...

What beautiful pictures! One reason I love your blog so much. Did you ever see You Can Count on Me? First movie I saw Mark Ruffalo in and he (and the whole cast, really) was just perfect.

karyn said...

your aqua blue blog header is sooo pretty. i saw 13 going on 30 in the theatre. i love that movie. yeah for dinner parties and fresh flowers!!