Tuesday, March 17, 2009

just because.

1. there's 50% less hot sauce in the disposable little cup that goes with my jerk chicken burrito (i have to squeeze every bit out now, whereas before i would have to throw out a third of it).
some stores have started keeping their serviettes behind their counters.
and manchu wok is still giving out one napkin per order.
i feel as if i'm the only one who's living in an economic boom. i really should start saving money. or just stop spending money in general. and start bringing breakfast and lunch to work again. and once h&m stops making pretty clothes then i will stop spending.
a pleated, gauzy, silky, high-waisted navy blue skirt is just irresistable.

2. and it doesn't help that i'm planning a trip in may either.
i just want to do everything.
my dad and i had finally narrowed it down to the following:
* bike tour to versailles
* bike tour to giverny/monet's house
* day/night bike tours around paris
* day trip to london
* normandy/st. malo/mont st michel trip
(bike much?)

3. my little sister has the cutest little phone voice.

4. i am going to start sewing again. i'm going to be sewing up tiny makeup kits for the TRENDS event (a makeup artist from dior has graciously agreed to give four lucky girls makeovers!) in march (harhar, i had a lot of practice in december. i know it seems like that's the only thing i know how to make, but in truth, it's the only thing i can make that has the least number of flaws!). i have to make a minimum of 10. yay, project.

5. it is so wonderful to walk to work with the sun shining so brightly and to come home in daylight.

i hope everyone is having a good day! 15 degrees of sunshiney weather! lovely lovely.


Pretty Little Pictures said...

Yay for your sunny weather! Its cold and grey here :(

Antoinette said...

Maybe you can achieve #4 by sewing that gauzy skirt in #1! (If you haven't bought it already! LOL) I say yay for personal economic booms! Keep stimulating the economy! Somebody's got to! :)