Sunday, November 23, 2008

better day.

hello hello!
so i'm not fired. i still have my job.

all these really dark thoughts were swimming in my head last night as i watched heroes (yay, i'm on ep. 6!) and ate a bowl of ruffles and fritos. i thought i had lost my job for sure (i tend to magnify things like this). but i got an email from my boss saying that it happens and not to worry.

what happened? to make a long story short, 7 boxes of conference materials failed to make it in time for the conference in planet hollywood, las vegas (which was today). it was all because of purolator. never trust purolator with your international packages. i know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but i couldn't help it, seeing as i'm new to this job and all and am still trying to prove myself.

anyhoo, i had a much better day today. today was the holiday printing party at the workroom. i completely forgot that it was today and remembering that it was today was a pleasant surprise (similar to when you wake up at 4 in the morning and you realize that you have 2 more hours of sleep to go and you feel so happy that it's 2 hours rather than 10 minutes).

it was a lot of fun! when you're doing something that you really like, time flies by so quickly. my last class for the year is the sewn men's tie class! i can't wait to make john a few ties for christmas!

afterwards i decided to walk along queen street. i wanted to buy packaging tape for my backtack swap and for the packages that i send john. i didn't want to use normal, boring scotch tape this time, so i bought these:

aren't they adorable?
i was admiring karyn's shinzi katoh agenda when i went for the knock it off class the other night and upon closer inspection, i discovered that these are shinzi katoh as well. another pleasant surprise!

sigh. i looove all things japanese. japan is in my top three countries (france, japan, germany / and languages to learn: french, german, japanese) to visit (and this is why i love going here). i've finally bought zakka sewing and am waiting for it in the mail. for those who live in canada, it's free shipping for orders over $39 at chapters!
then i went home and it was nice to see my dad back from out of town and yummy dinner on the table.

anyway, back to work tomorrow. i have never been so thankful to have my job. harhar.
have a good week everybody! when you wake up tomorrow, tell yourself: i love my job.
even if you don't mean it, it helps.

ps: woohoo gossip girl tomorrow! pssst rebecca, are you loving it yet?
pps: i'm going to the corporate holiday party and can finally dress up!


karyn said...

yeah! i'm glad you came to the workshop today - i loved your little cards with the cute chickens. i've made lots of mistakes at work, some pretty awful, but they always turned out less awful than what i imagined in my head. i'm glad things are okay!

i LOVE the packing tape - is it from the paper place?

Q's Daydream said...

Love the tape!!!

I'm glad to hear everything is alright at work! :o)

leslie said...

oh, shinzi katoh. oh, japanese style. oh, japan. i love it all, too!

John M said...

man all that worrying for nothing.hahaha i'm so happy you still have the job!

.kat. said...

I LOVE this statement: it was a . . . pleasant surprise (similar to when you wake up at 4 in the morning and you realize that you have 2 more hours of sleep to go and you feel so happy that it's 2 hours rather than 10 minutes). Thanks for stopping by! Yann Tiersen is a genius. ;o)

melissa said...

karyn - it's from this store called token! i don't know if you've ever been there, but it's on queen street and i love everything they have there and i'm sure you will!

quincy- hi! :) yes everything is fine and dandy!

leslie- lucky you! :)

john - lol i know. all that earful for nothing hardeehar.

kat - teehee. unfortunately i have been having two minute moments lately!!!

LENORENEVERMORE said... too love Japanese products! Thank God there's JapanTown in my city... Love their magz too ;)

Christina Lowry said...

I am also a fan of your tape! Wishing there was a cool paper place or japanese shop around here, but sadly no. Can't wait to see what you are sending for your backtack swap too. :)
PS- Good luck at work!

megan and melissa said...

Cool tape... I love it. I finally have a moment to catch up, and am happy to see that you still have a job! We all get those lovely moments in life, don't we? At least it is past, and another one shouldn't roll around...right?

Have a good day!

Joanna Goddard said...