Saturday, November 15, 2008

it rained the whole day.
and OMG. there's frost on the ground.
that telltale bite in the air is definitely a sign of winter's close arrival.
so adieu, fall.

i had such a lovely day with la meilleure amie today:
- breakfast drivethru at mcdonald's
- humanae vitae at st. mike's (so empowering)
- yummy bento box at avocado for dinner (i want to buy a bento box to use for lunches, instead of tupperware. their gyoza was very tasty.)
- a nice, chilly walk in yorkville
- rigmarole on the train (check little women)
- singing disney songs at the top of our lungs (we grew up on disney). oh and fiddler on the roof.

i'm working on my backtack...oh, kirsty! i hope you like them...i've never made anything like this before but i am thoroughly enjoying myself! :)


Kirsty said...

I'll love it - I'm sure.

Santiago said...

(: You forgot how the green tea ice cream at Avocado was made only more pleasant and sweet by the owner's awesome soundtrack!!

And you neglected to mention post-modern jokes on the subway which inspired us to create our own rigmarole (:

Have a lovely day, melly!

megan and melissa said...

great pics as usual. I love going out for great food, always something that brightens the day
happy monday!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

For once I am not envious of your breakfast ;) McD's hehe! I'm so glad you got the book, I reaaaally hope you like it, I think maybe I have influenced a few people to buy it and now I feel guilty that they might not like it so much eek I hope thats not true for you! Tell me all about last minute fabric gifts becuase I liked the sound of that but then read some not so great reviews....whatcha think?