Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i started a new job.

which means:
no more updating my blog during the day
or uploading photos
or being up to date with my daily blog reads
for a while.



Mon Petit Lapin said...

but it does mean lots more purchases and goodies as you'll have some money wooo! I know how you feel though I'm meant to start a job next week but I'm enjoying my craft filled days!!x

Q's Daydream said...

oh thats sad! Hope you like your new job! :o)

megan and melissa said...

To bad about not having too much free time, but congrats on your job! You'll have to tell us more about it!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

melissa....are you still alive?! Is the job really eating all your free blogging time :( boohoo, I started a new job yesterday too but mine is so boring and dull with nothinng to do except surf the net and read blogs all day - cant believe theyre paying me! Hope to hear from you soon!!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

p.s. love the new header!