Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i am alive.

:D oui, oui, rebecca, i am, and to those who have been wondering about my lack of posts.
i've just been so tired from the new job that the last thing i want to do is type when i get home. i am also still recovering from a cold and cough.

but anyway, i thought i'd talk about the pros & cons of my new job.

let's start with the cons, shall we?

- i've been feeling lonesome, only because i've been missing the people that i have been working with for the past four-five years.
- i have no one to eat lunch with yet. but that's my own fault. i go for solitary walks (to burn at least 1/8 of the massive lunches i've been bringing to work)
- the office building, although very close to harbourfront/the lovely lake, is in the middle of nowhere. it's far away from the hubub of yonge street. it's a long walk to eaton's. and it does not have a concourse level.
- because it is in the middle of nowhere, i must take the streetcar after i take the train. it's not a long ride, but it can be a pretty long wait.
- i have a bigger and better workspace, but i no longer have a cubicle (which is good in a way because it forces me to be more productive). but sucks when i want to do private things like put on my makeup.
- no casual fridays/dress down days for me (this weekend i felt so happy to be wearing jeans!)
- i now have to think about what to wear the night before.
- no more blog reading. or blog updating, as i have mentioned. i wish i could though when there is nothing to do. i have to tell you how much i miss reading all your lovely blogs and it's going to take me a while to get updated!

- the kitchen has a bodecker coffee machine! i love that they have different flavors of coffee - irish, vanilla, hazelnut, breakfast, etc, and my current favorite, caramel. it even has hot chocolate and chicken broth (gross) pods. i am now saving so much money on coffee (and lunch. i've been packing my lunch every night and getting everything ready before i go to bed, this includes switching my bags, pressing my clothes...it's getting to be a habit, which is also good)
- the kitchen has drawers of forks, knives and spoons. i no longer have to *ahemstealahem* them from wendy's or richtree (richtree was easy access though, hardeeharhar).
- my boss is very generous with the office supplies and tells me that she hopes that they are enough (more than enough! they can last me half a year!).
- i have teal folders. i always thought that folders only came in your typical blue, pink, yellow and natural. today i found out that they also come in gray and black. so classy, i must say.
- my boss ordered me a set of notecards, business cards and notepads with my name. hardeeharhar.
- i am learning to walk fast and run in heels again.
- i now have a toll free and fax number.
- the receptionist always has a bowl of goodies on her desk. this week it's jelly beans. the one with the weird flavors. i love the popcorn jelly.
- i joined the united way group at work. it's going to be fun. one of the things that we are planning to do to raise money is hold a wii tournament.
- i'm learning a lot. i'm planning luncheons, sending out invitations, calling hotels to book conference rooms, ordering lunches, searching for unique places to have a christmas dinner, being in contact with special events and catering coordinators. it's a fun job. a lot of talking. a lot of typing. a lot of googling.

andthatisallisallisall. i miss your blogs, everyone! once i adjust to all this, i'm sure i won't be so tired anymore and will get to read more. :)


Kirsty said...

The pros seem to top the cons. I'm sure once you get used to the new job you won't feel so shattered.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Getting stationery with your name on is always exciting! I love getting new business cards, too. :)

Q's Daydream said...

Sounds like your doing great! Miss you Melissa! :o)

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Yey glad to hear your alive and well! I have just started a temporary admin job and so completely feel ya not wanting to go near a comp at home! I love that you get your own business cards oo and a neat coffee machine, my job is nowhere near exciting :( have a great week!

Joanna Goddard said...

jelly beans, yay! i know how it can be hard to start a new job, definitely. lots of pros and cons. i felt the same way when i started working from home. i desperately missed my coworkers--desperately! but now i'm really used to it and love my quiet routine. good luck, my doll! xo