Monday, December 1, 2008

etc, etc.

i used karyn's laser *cutter (thanks karyn!) (the most amazing thing in the world!) at the workroom over the weekend to make these and used my puncher to round out the edges. short and simple is always the best, and i am planning to give them away (including envelopes and these sweet circle labels made out of kraft paper) as christmas presents. i'm still trying to decide how to package them - kraft paper or fabric envelopes? hm.

other things i'm planning to make (as in, things that i can make with minimal mistakes, hardeeharhar):
- zippered pouches
- snap coin purses
- fabric covered push pins (i bought little tins from etsy to package these!)

i also started work on my homasote board! finalement! i still have to staple it onto the board and mount it, but i don't think it's bad at all! they came out nice and straight! :)

this picture makes me want to have a quilt.

i wanted linen, but used canvas instead. it was really cheap so i bought lots.

and in other non-crafty news:
- tomorrow i'm going to a toastmasters meeting with my best friend. it's about time, especially with all the teaching and TRENDS events that i have to do.
- friday is the grand fete! i'm getting my hair and makeup did. harhar. i've decided to wear my dress from zara. it needs to be taken in though. argh.
- lots of holiday parties to attend and kris kringles to participate in!
- i'm off work on the 19th to get ready for the little holiday party i'm throwing! stuffed mushrooms is in the menu. i would like to emulate this loveliness. there will also be gingerbread house decorating.

now if the weather would only's still raining. where are you snow?


Christie said...

i vote for fabric envelopes- those cards look FANTASTIC!!! please note that i plan on stealing this idea-brilliant!

on the subject of push-pins, magnets are good too & everyone has a fridge...

nice work :-)

karyn said...

melissa! the cards look amazing. i stole your idea and made some envelopes for myself. (btw - it's a laser cutter, not printer, since it actually cuts out the material!)

i love how your homosote board is turning out. wonderful fabric choices. can't wait to see it done!

next you can start quilting!

anabela said...

Look at you go! You're so productive! The cards are great and your board is going to be lovely!

LENORENEVERMORE said... glad to see creative people at work... lovely refreshing color combo!

Kirsty said...

I love the cards to Mel - gorgeous.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Those cards look fantastic!

Sarah Von said...

Those cards are so lovely! Understated *and* cute.

cristy said...

Those are so cute:)
Mind if I add you?

.kat. said...

Your note cards are cute! And I love the designs of the fabrics you picked out. You've helped inspire me to bring out my sewing machine from the shadows of my room! If only I had more time!! Hope all is wonderful where you are. . .

melissa said...

thank you ladies! i'm glad that you like them! now i really have to get going with my christmas presents!