Thursday, August 4, 2005

i'll bite my tongue with you.

What can I say?I'll bite my tongue again today...-the ataris.bite my tongue.
it is not perfect. because i want more. the choking silence is poisonous...i long to be able to speak. but would a drop kill it? would it disspitate so quickly? or would it grow brighter just as it is inside?
but you are my superlative.
through the idea of you i've fashioned a fairytale and ive placed you on a pedestal. thats where id like to keep you but would you let me? do i dare tarnish the gold or would you engrave yourself upon it?
we create dialogues in our heads and fantasies that will never happen.
we unwittingly hurl ourselves into an ocean of disappointment, gashing our hearts and we bleed from heartache.
we are fools for unrequited love.
can we help but repeatedly make the same mistakes?
will it always remain an unbreakable cycle?
when do we stop being pelicans that shed their blood for the ones they love?

id like to learn how to detach myself, so that how it is now, i can happily, unpainfully, keep it that way.

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