Tuesday, August 9, 2005

strange boy.

when we're done being stupid and quiet, maybe it can happen.
maybe if we grew up a bit, learned more and waited.
so many things that need to be said and kept quiet until they're ready to surface.
so much understanding, linked up, telepathic and weird.
eyes that lock and wish could rest that way.
echoing plangent melodies reverberating and are played over and over again...
each note memorized. we know how to sing it, but refuse to.
the cadence brings us forward, but each daring step does not pacify.
the volcano will errupt before we know it and it'll send out a host of fireworks into the sky,
we are hypnotized, enthralled, enchanted, spellbound.
it surges and quells simultaneously. x marks the spot.

and it is found.

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