Monday, October 5, 2009

we're not made of steel and there's only 24 hours to a day.

hello hello.
* i haven't been blogging in a while, as you can tell. these are photos from jarvis. i am really loving the camera bag app. you should get it too. if you have an iphone and if you like taking pics.
i found this via dani.
* thanksgiving is this monday and my family normally celebrates the day before so that we can have the rest of monday off to do other things. like sleep in and do laundry harhar .
* did you go to nuit blanche? i have yet to upload les photos, but it was okay. highlights: the royal conservatory, hip hop lessons at the toronto reference library, having sushi on spadina with john and getting home at 4 in the fricking morning. the giant bunny was cute. it would have been better if it was outdoors, surrounded by the lights in dundas square.
* it's tights and fur weather. yay.
* i started classes and am onto my third week. i love it. it doesn't feel like school. it's almost like blog surfing except someone's telling you how to do it properly. i seriously love my professors. i am now really sure that i want to get into event planning.
* i like older people. i would love to be able to partner up with an older person for my final group project.
* my neck won't stop cracking.
* i sniffed peanuts on the train tonight and my throat started itching. hmmm.
* guilty pleasures: banana with nutella. or just nutella. and a lot of goop.
* blogs i like: restless transplant (awesome pictures) and coco & lowe (such sweet and awesome girls)
* i attended a seminar on effective goal setting. one of the things the speaker talked about was prioritizing and so sad to say that i had to give up tutoring. :( my schedule was getting really crazy. i've also had to give up piano. sigh.

and that isallisallisall. have a great week tout le monde.


Antoinette said...

Nutella is nice, and Pralinutta has less intense flavor but tastes creamier and has more spreadable texture. Goop looks rad, will check it out. :D

Vanessa said...

AH! No piano! :( That speaker was brilliant though. I've been humming the Chariots of Fire theme song in my head ever since ;) - V.H.