Sunday, September 20, 2009

be the best version of yourself.

* attempted to watch time traveller's wife but got EXTREMELY bored (the trailer was very misleading). and when this happens i would watch how john's watching the movie, get amused and turn back to the movie. but this time i had to get out. so we snuck into 500 days of summer and we were so glad we did!
* one click on itunes and the 500 days of summer soundtrack is now mine.
* the best combo is maltesers in my popcorn. i always get large so i can get a refill. i'm crazy for popcorn.
* i met up with a lady today who i absolutely loved. for some reason, i really like being in the company of 50+ year old women.
* today i learned:
  • to always ask yourself, "am i being the best version of myself?" doing so would help you treat yourself and others better.
  • confidence is knowing who you are
  • financial success doesn't always lead to happiness. but success by being of service to others does.
it's just a struggle to remember.
fall, fall is here. and everyone just looks so great.
have a good weekend everyone!


John M said...

maltesers and popcorn is not the best. it's the greatest! that's a good one, am i the best version of myself?

jona rhica said...

500 days of summer was the best movie i've seen all year. joseph gordon-levitt is absolutely swoon-worthy :)