Monday, October 12, 2009

- 2 servings of last night's thanksgiving dinner and yummy plum tart
-5 hours of cutting out hexagons for a paper piecing project. literally paper piecing.
- 3 back-to-back episodes of glee (yay, finally caught up!)
- 3 back-to-back episodes of gossip girl (hilary duff, not bad at all)
- 1 starbucks white chocolate grande
- a nice stroll in main street unionville
couldn't be happier.

in the future:
- october 16, 17, 18 - imaging show 2009 (henry's)
-october 18: pure rummage trunk show at the workroom!

have a great week, all! :)

ps: this is bad. i want to get a new lens (50 mm), now that i have an slr. argh, when will the wanting end? harhar.


Sammy-J said...
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Sammy-J said...

Lol! the wanting never ends my friend... we're why henry's stays in business! haha..

copperseal said...

ive been wanting a 50mm ever since i got my slr - i know the day will come soon!

>< said...

i don't think the wanting part will ever end hehe :)

hope to see you at the rummage sale this weekend!