Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i want...

...this sexy thing. argh.

this other sexy thing.

and this awesomeness which also comes in a size perfect for jarvis.

and that's all. i don't want much. harhar.

and yay for tomorrow!
it's the first session of the japanese dress books class at the workroom!
yeehaw. i haven't been to the workroom in AGES. and i haven't sewn in ages.
i hope i still remember how to thread the machine.

not good. and not funny.


John M said...

that Olympus is so sexy!

copperseal said...

1. okay that olympus is pretty sexy

2. ew, a canon. (at least you picked a decent one) go nikon!

3. niccce ;)

Cristy said...

oHHH The first camera is very nice looking :)

and I want the Nikon D90 so so bad!!