Thursday, June 11, 2009

all better!

more polaroids to celebrate! :)
these were taken at arramanches-les-bains in normandy.

- the path to recovery was not easy: 3 walk-in clinic visits, 6 hours in total waiting to be seen by the doctor, $ at the pharmacy, and waking up all itchy with hives at 3:55 am only to discover that you are allergic to your antibiotics.
- but, besides my phlegmy cough (harhar, excuse me) i am ready to go back to work tomorrow.
- i know, what's one more day, i should just stay home, but i miss work and my head is tired of my pillow.
- if you haven't seen she's just not into you, watch it, despite poor reviews. i thought it was cute.
- and i think i have a new girly crush on justin long. teehee.

my dears, i hope you all have a good weekend.


John M said...

glad you're all better melissa. yet another set of great pictures!

Antoinette said...

I read a book at the library with my son -- a kiddie book - that reminded me of you and I thought you would enjoy flipping through -- called "Everyone Bonjours." Nice illustrations, published 2008. :)