Monday, June 15, 2009

shush girl

- my dad stopped in the middle of the road so that i could take a picture of this field of yellow flowers that france seems to be full of. or the parts of it that i saw, anyway. watching au revoir les enfants made me want to see these yellow fields in person.
- cannot wait for john to come! his visit will involve a baby shower (not for me! harhar.), strawberry picking, picnics and rollercoasters.
- this coming saturday is TRENDS' annual tea party. i am thinking of doing this.
- the peonies are blooming in the backyard! i will make sure to take photos.
- it took me an entire day to clean out my room and closet. and i am not even finished.

smile, it's monday. :)

ps: 3OH!3's song is in my head. blargh. it's fun to dance to though.


copperseal said...

wow im glad you got to stop for that beautiful field!

John M said...

i like the first picture a lot! the rocks rock!hahaha