Wednesday, August 20, 2008

these are not photoshopped.

teehee. not bad without an slr eh?
finally, some california pics.
more to come, once i've uploaded them from angela's mac.

one of the numerous missions in carmel by the sea. i'd like to get married in one someday, if it's allowed.

biking around cannery row. a must do. lots of biking trails and people are friendly towards bikers. was freezing cold that day.

horsebackriding in carmel. another must do. this conservation area used to be a cattle ranch, similar to the one in brokeback mountain.


we got lucky and was able to get on the simpsons' ride. i look like such a tourist with the lanyard around my neck. but that is, folks, a front of the line pass...courtesy of my uncle, who works in universal studios' IT department. unfortunately we didn't get immunity this time because of its debut, but it was definitely worth lining up for.

had my phone interview today.
but i'm not going to count on it.
i don't want to feel too disappointed.
if i don't get it, there's something better out there.
i just kinda wanted to get out of here sooner.
my brain's turning into mush.
ah paris, you're only $15,000 away.
kill me now.

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Anonymous said...

where did you learn how to take pics like that!? amazing!!!!