Sunday, August 31, 2008

oh crap.

my brother asked me to make his a friend this turd softie from the softies book.

mine looks different of course...the book called for gluing on the eyes but i thought hand stitching it would be better.

i added the tag in the back, as requested by my brother. i kept the edgest raw to give it that homemade look. hehe. or i was just lazy.
i'm feeling a little drugged at the moment. kinda like my cat, who we had to take to the vet yesterday because of his claw and an infection in his paw. he thinks he gets special treatment because he's been sleeping on our beds, even though he knows he's not allowed.

i've finally cut out the pieces for the built by wendy pattern 3964. hopefully it turns out's my first dress/tunic that i'm doing on my own. the a-line skirt that i made before, even with karyn's help, turned out to be a disaster.

i took a nap today at 1 and didn't wake up till 6. when i got up my parents were getting ready for a barbecue in the backyard. it was awesome. grilled chops, grilled salmon with sundried tomatoes and soup. there's a big tupperware of sliced watermelon just waiting to be eaten.
then angela and i went to the convenience store (so convenient!!! only a 3 minute run!) to borrow penelope and miss potter. sadly, no my blueberry nights.

and yay. no work tomorrow. thank goodness. and more time for naps.


John M said...

can you make me a turd? please :)

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Hahah I love the merde! I have that book too and must make that, I love your tag on it!