Tuesday, August 26, 2008

snaps for the workoom!

Snap Coin Purse class, originally uploaded by the workroom.

teehee i am so excited for the snap coin purse class in september.
so excited that i already called to register for it.
i've been dying to make one, ever since i bought my sunglasses purse from anthropologie.

image from hayden-harnett

unfortunately anthropologie is not available to us canadians yet.
i also thought it would have been nice to make them as presents...small ones for coin purses...bigger ones for clutches.

and tonight i shall:
-finish off some more padfol!os
-start making the turd guy from the softies book
-and felted chinese fortune cookies for liz

woohoo for craft nights :)

speaking of nights...i'm dying to see my blueberry nights with norah jones, natalie portman and jude law.

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Giscelle said...

Melly! I miss you girls! How about meeting up soon? I've been back for awhile (a month exactly), but I've been so busy with the Gap and looking for a full-time job that I haven't had a chance to update or let you guys know!

P.S. I think we need a Filipino romantic movie night. LOL