Thursday, August 28, 2008

sew much sewing.

as a good bye gift for liz, i decided to make her an accessories pouch with a matching padfol!o. the fabric i used was a tablecloth that i thought was too nice to use to put food on top of.
i used my zipper foot for the first time. i've done this before at the workroom, but it's different when you're doing it at home.

fabric gift tag that i made.

AND. instead of signing a card...i thought it would be cute to make felt fortune cookies instead and write our good bye/good luck notes and stick it in the cookie.

baking cookies. haha.

AND. AND. my built by wendy sewing pattern collection is growing. after searching high and low online, i found pattern 3835 and was able to get it for half the price.

in other none crafty news, tomorrow pam will be coming over with her 90210 dvds and attempt a marathon. i was never allowed to watch 90210 as a kid, so this is a first for me. i can't wait. teehee.


Anonymous said...

those fortune cookies look so yummy!
-j to the izzo

Jenny said...

Hey this is woundupladybug from flickr. I got your sweet comment about the built by wendy dress 3835. In answer to your questions, I didn't think it was that difficult to do, the only part I find that is the hardest is the collar. It takes some time sewing it on. Considering I have three kiddos running around this dress took me a couple of weeks. If I had time to get it done quicker I think I could have had it done in a few days. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I take longer. The way the pattern makes for the zipper you overlap the fabric on left over the zipper so you don't see the zipper. So you don't have to use a invisible zipper. Pretty cool! The fit is good. I would recommend making the dress a size up. It is a misses fit which is for a petite person. I like a little bit of room. I always allow for extra room if I have to fix something or alter if needed. Prior to making this dress I make the mini-dress and I found it kind of snug so with this one I made it a size up. The key is to measure yourself and allow for ease. I hope you find these comments helpful and I hope you have a blast with the built by wendy patterns. Her fall collection is so sweet. I can't wait to get some!! Have a wonderful day!!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

great fortune cookies - were they your own design? And what do you think of the Sew U books? I have never made clothes before but have seen so many fantastic Japanese designs around I really want to learn the basics! Are these good started books?