Thursday, April 24, 2008

courtesy of giscelle! :)

Do you notice when someone is staring at you from across the room?
oh yes. i can feel it.
Do you smile at strangers?
yes, and i talk to them too. especially waitresses and cashiers and salespeople.
What kind of clothes do you buy?
clothes that are on sale. :) i love buying mine at club monaco, the gap, urban outfitters, french connection, h&m, old navy and believe it or not, pacific mall. i've been buying a lot of cream, girly tops lately.
How many bowls of cereal do you eat in the morning?
just one, either fibre flakes with honey clusters or special k vanilla and almond with bananas and skimmed milk.
How often do you clean your room?:
i used to do it once a week on saturdays. but now it's just every other week. or when it gets unbearably messy.
How many days do you normally miss during a school year?
i used to skip a lot...this past school year i only missed two classes for each of my courses. :)
Do you live up north or down south?
i live northeast. markham or unionville.
Have you ever been to China?
Ever played the drums on a steering wheel?
nope, but i'm sure i'll be doing that once i start driving.
Can you roll your tongue?
yes i think i can
Were you named after anyone?
yes. Melissa after Melissa Manchester who sang "Through the Eyes of Love", which is the theme song from Ice Castles (a movie from the 80s that i really like!), which is also my parents' theme song. and Ann for St. Ann because I was born on July 26 which is the feast day of St. Ann and St. Joaquim.
Do you own a GPS?
yup! i forgot what we named her.
Do you like egging houses?
no. quel waste.
What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?
i don't smoke.
Are you a self-mutilator?
Do you find yourself crushing on someone currently?
i have the hugest crush on john. and clive owen.
Would life be the same without alcohol?
yes, because i don't drink and don't have to.
Have you had the best night of your life?
i had a lot of "best" nights: dinners at congee queen, dessert binges, congee wong binges (yowza), singing to kelly clarkson at the top of our lungs with the windows down, late night timmy's runs(despite the stress of essay writing), girls nights out, march 10/12 2007, etc and etc.
Do you know someone who likes you?
oh yes.
Do you still have feelings for anyone from your past?
none whatsoever.
Do you have a lot of guy friends?
no i don't think so, but come to think of it, i don't have A LOT of friends- i have lots of acquaintances. but in any case, i do prefer being friends with guys than with girls.
When was the last time you did something illegal?
is jaywalking illegal?
When was the last time you had Jamba Juice?
never had jamba juice. that sounds like some bean and corn and tomato concoction.
Did you date anyone this past summer?
yup. johnny :)
What color shirt were you wearing when your last kiss took place?
a white t-shirt with a gray cardigan.
What does your last text message in your inbox say?
"around 4 babe. what's ur favorite hour of the day?"
Do you wear the seatbelt in the car?
i have to.
Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else?
they've mistaken me for chinese and korean and a half and half of something. they have compared me to that danny guy from this season's american idol. hahahaha.
Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your bf/gf?
nope. it's not something she would do anyway.
Is there anyone you hate?
no. hate is too strong a word. really dislike is more like it.
Are you single?
nope. i'm not "taken" either. i hate that term. i am with someone :)
Was your last kiss drunk or sober?
uh sober. i don't get drunk. i find this whole kissing while drunk kinda cheap. but that's just me.
If somebody hurts you, do you give them a way back in, or blacklist them forever?
sigh. it's hard to give people a way back in. i tend to hold grudges. and i still do although i am trying to change that.
Are you easy to lie to, or do you have a hard time believing people?
yes and they think i'm stupid and won't call them on it but i can see right through them.
Is there one person who can make you feel better no matter what?
quite a few people actually. A, johnny, my siblings :)

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melly do you notice when i stare at you "across the universe?".hehehe