Monday, April 28, 2008

another survey from giscelle! :)

(and another one for jona, for those jours ennuyeux)
1. if you’re being extremely quiet what does it mean?
a) i haven't had coffee yet and am most likely extremely grumpy b) i have nothing to say c) i am pissed off.

2. if a girl hits you, what would you do?
i'd hit them right back! that's right.
3. do you like checking your crush’s friendster profile?

i used to check out john's a lot, back when i still had friendster. muahaha.
4. have you ever had a one night stand?
augh no.
5. if so would you do it again? and if not,would you?

refer to #4.
6. last time you laughed?

when i was on break with brandon a while ago.
7. has anyone told you they missed you lately?

yup. john and brandon both miss me. hehehe.
8. are you wearing any clothes that don’t belong to you?

nope. they're all mine right now. angela and i have been buying the same of everything lately. that's before she stopped working.
9. would you ever date your best friend (of the opposite sex)?

john is my best friend. if clive owen was my best friend though i would certainly date him. i'm just kidding.
10. have you ever received sexy pics from someone?

yes, everyday.
11. do you regret anything from your past?
there are some things i wish i never did, but things happen for a reason. and i wouldn't be how i am today if it weren't for those stupid mistakes.
12. if you could seek revenge on someone, would you?

...yes...but i wouldn't kill or anything. maybe just pull a parent trap revenge kind of thing.
13. what was the last message you received?-

"me too. want to walk to work together? meet in the doors of bce?"
14. do you bump into someones arm if you want to hold their hand?

not really...
15. last argument?

with mother, regarding my luggage and the amount of clothes i want to bring for the trip.
16. what’s your summer wish?

none. life is beautiful right now.
17. do you have a crush?

yes yes
18. how close are you to your crush?

very close to john. unfortunately the closest thing i can get to clive owen would be watching gosford park over and over again.
19. are you in college?

i was in university. i will be convocating soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20. what are you listening to?

the humming of the printer, brandon talking, ez rock playing in someone's cubicle, and my typing.
21. last beverage?

caramelo coffee from second cup.
22. last nap?

saturday in the car on the way to jacksons point.
23. do you own a planner?

yup, and i still use it. i have a really bad memory.
24. favorite month?

school-free months, december and each month john-eh is here.
25. how do you know someone likes you?

they start saying things that they shouldn't be saying, they make excuses to hang out with you.
27. what’s your song for your lovelife?

diana ross' if we hold on together. hehehehe.
28. what are you doing on saturday?

teaching catechism, doing a spring fashion trends presentation for TRENDS and quality time with john.
29. sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you?

there are lots of things. like opening my tupperware to find that my mom had placed mango slices on my salad. angeli and her cute little pictures and letters that she would leave on my bed when i go out of town. john sending flowers or buying the last nancy drew book (can't wait to read that one!!!)
30. friend most like you?

as of the moment, john & angela.
31. what do you usually do with your bf/gf?
we like walking on queen street and checking out vintage stores, going to galleries and museums, hanging out at cafes, shopping, watching movies together, going to the library, eating out or just sit on the coach and talk. we're nerds that way.
32. who did you hang out with today?
my co-workers
33. favorite color?

right now i'm loving creams, pinks and turquoise
34. are you racist?
i stereotype.
35. excited for anything?

yup! john's visits, convocation, my piano lessons, the family trip to cali, and hopefully stratford and the mw reunion. haha.
36. ever had sex with two different people in one day?
uh no. i haven't even done it with one.

37. would you ever steal someones boyfriend or girlfriend?
38. last time you were confused?
like right now. i'm having a career crisis.
39. last time you smiled?
a few minutes ago, at the cashier at richtree when i bought my salmon salad. yum.

40. if you could cuddle anyone right now who would you pick?
johnny of course.

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