Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the dizzy dancing way you feel

everything's been great great, despite a few clashes and conflicts i've been having with people. but it's only a few.

just a reminder for those who love clinique, it's clinique bonus time at sears :) i got one today and i am mighty pleased with eye shadow duo that came with it. spend $26.50 and you can also get two lipsticks, zero gravity repairwear lift firming cream (but this is for older people), liquid facial soap in travel size, mascara and an elle canada magazine subscription offer (12 months for $6.00), and a choice between a pink or purple zippered pouch (i chose the pink one).
i am pmsing big time. i am cranky and i feel huge and bloated all over and i'm ALWAYS hungry. this week i craved a cookies, cookies, cookies (especially felix&norton and triple chocolate ones) thai mango salad, panini and salmon. augh. i wonder how it'll be like when i am actually pregnant with my future baby.
speaking of babies, i went to see hershey and her cutest and most adorable baby, ellexis mia. she is the prettiest baby i have seen so far and she has the most beautiful eyelashes. hersch calls me tita...hahaha. i'm a tita now :) and man, it just goes to show how much older we're getting. it was a really good visit and it was nice to see hersch too...after all i did consider her my best friend in elementary :)
anyway, i can't wait to buy mia cute little dresses for the summer. baby girls are always the best to shop for! jewlz looks so cute with the bottle in her hand. and herschelle, so smiley and CHARMING as ever! :)

i look funny here (yeah well mel you look funny all the time). haha.

before that i went out with jewlz, which was really nice. i had a monstruous dessert that night- they call it a chocomisu - which is tiramisu topped with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. yum-o! as rachael ray says (who i now detest, btw- i used to love love her and then she got annoying. EVOO is actually harder to say than extra virgin olive oil. it was also annoying how she used to say EVOO as a shortcut and then she would go "which is extra virgin olive oil". augh rachael. waste of air. argh). anyway, it was an awesome concoction.
i'm improving with my piano playing. i can read notes now! hehe. i'm still playing dinky songs, but they're getting harder. it gets a bit boring sometimes and i'm dying to play henry mancini and james horner and hans zimmer and jewel songs, but basics and foundations first!
i also signed up for a one time 3-hour sewing class at the workroom. it's soooo's absolutely girly and they sell the most beautiful fabric. it's toronto's first sew by the hour space - meaning if you don't have a sewing machine at home, you can come and sew there at a nominal fee. i want to learn how to use a sewing machine so in the future i can make my own clothes and homemade presents (this freaks angela out. she thinks i'm going to turn into those weirdo bloggers who stay indoors all day and make arts&crafts).

i hate the weather right now. i've packed away my sweaters but it's back to 10 degrees.

i'm getting a haircut's going to be like posh's...i know it's really passé, but that's all i can do with my hair right now, since its still too short (but really shapeless and flat.)

anyhoo, back to work. have a beeyootiful sunshiney day :)

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