Tuesday, April 13, 2010


hello all.
i am in edmonton now (after the most horrible flight with westjet) but just wanted to share a few iphone picsies from victoria. these pictures of course don't do victoria justice. i took more pictures with the dslr but will have to wait this weekend to upload them.
anyhoo, victoria is GORGEOUS. fresh air, beautiful mountains and surrounded by water. very jealous. i flew earlier than the rest of the company (we are doing client roadshows for work in different cities) and spent three hours walking around. i've always wanted to do solo escapades but i realized yesterday that it's not a lot of fun to be completely alone. it's nice to share the experience with someone. we stayed at the fairmont empress and hated it. i hated my room. it looked freaky. but i did like the fact that i can borrow gym clothes.

(teehee it came with socks! i thought i would have to wear my BLACK trouser socks! hardeehar)

i am wide awake for some reason, considering that it is 2:40 am in toronto. hm. i am liking our current hotel much better. cannot wait to wake up for breakfast as i am h-u-n-g-r-y!

must count sheep.

good night all. all this traveling sorta reminds me of up in the air.

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