Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it's official: philippines!

we finally bought our tickets! it took us two months to decide on the dates and i am relieved that it is all finalized. we are doing a two-night stopover in hong kong and then manila. i haven't been back since we flew to LA for christmas in 1996 and then moved to canada in 1997.

that's 13 years!

i am so excited. i have cousins that i've only heard of and met through facebook.
so yeah, being the dork that i am, i've put up a countdown on the sidebar of this blog. it eases the pain of not being able to take any vacation days right now.

have a great day everyone!


PJ said...

wow. now I am jealous. I never knew you are Filipino. me too. I came to the US in '98.


Antoinette said...

Exciting! I didn't know you are Filipino. My BFF since childhood is Filipino. So dorky I just wrote that. Heehee.

karyn said...

yay! that will be a super fun trip. i haven't been there for about 8 years, so i'm probably due to go back. how long will you go for?

melissa said...

pj: yeah i get jealous everytime my friends go :) it's my turn!

antoinette: teehee not dorky at all!

karyn: are you filipino??? just three weeks...sucks to have 15 days of vakay only :(

karyn said...

lol. yes. i'm half. my dad is from the philippines. most people never guess. 3 weeks is pretty for a vacation!

Anna Patricia said...

NICE! Enjoy your pinoy experience and brush up with your tagalog skills! Heehee! I'm pinay too ;)


Enjoy your trip down here in Manila!

Melissa said...

I love your blog so much and miss the posting! Even though the posts are old, I still like to look through your pictures. They're so inspiring!