Saturday, April 3, 2010

photo shoot

john asked me to be his assistant for his photoshoot/creative for his fashion project in school. it was a fun experience and after going through monocle and several clippings of GQ, (yes on good friday, tsk tsk) we had to do an emergency trip to downtown to buy clothes as eaton centre was the only one open for the holiday. man, i could get used to being driven to downtown. shopping for this shoot was tiring and a little stressful, so much so that i succumbed to half a filet-o-fish meal from mcdonald's. when we got home we had to do different looks, photograph each of them and plan out the shot list.
today i was john's little assistant and had to help with dressing the model, fold the clothes, prepare for the next look, take pictures of the shoot and just basically be at john's beck and call. everyone was just so amazing. randell and damon had awesome chemistry and michelle was just a kickass makeup artist. this is something i can also get used to.

some lessons learned:
* have a heavy lunch before something huge like this.
* it's always a few degrees cooler and windier in downtown. dress warmly.
* be specific with parking directions, to make it easier for everyone.
* bring folding chairs.
* unbutton dress shirts while waiting for next look.
* dress warmly.
* and dress warmly.

ps: man, damon could be the chuck bass's younger (and taller) brother.
( see below for more photos!)
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stylist: john medalla
photographer: randell rowe
makeup artist: michelle reis
model: damon from elmer olsen model management
clothes & shoes: h+m, zara, urban outfitters
accessories: stylist's own, fossil, green shag, filson
location: harbourfront


john said...

Great Job today Melissa! you we're awesome!


Very nice! Love the stylin'!

karyn said...

so cool, melissa. looks like it was a lot of fun... and that model definitely looks like a 'bass'