Sunday, April 12, 2009

a bit of prepping going on for the trip:

luggage tags to chic-ify plain, black luggage

some pre-versailles reading. marie antoinette, as snobby and as frivolous as she was, was very much misunderstood. (oh yes, i actually borrowed books from the library! i normally buy them...)

the paris moleskine (grad gift from my sistah) and a very naughty french phrase book. hehe.

AND, i hope everyone's had a great easter!

- church for the past three days has been at least two hours long.
- passion of the christ never fails to make me cry.
- spontaneous dinners out with friends at midnight are fun. while blasting out meg & dia, deathcab and josh radin songs. hardeehar. i felt 20 again.
- niagara as a spontaneous outing for easter is the best. had a latte for the first time in 40 days and it was delicious.
- i've been spending way too much money at h&m.
- it's a good thing i've finally opened a tfsa and rrsp savings account. it's about time.
- my room is messy. but at least my closet is clean and organized. it really looks like yogurt in there. hardeehar.

have a good week everyone!

le grand trip countdown: 25 more sleeps


Claudia said...

est-ce que tu vas pratiquer ton français...un naughty français???

megan and melissa said...

I am so jealous! I wish I was going! Have fun planning the rest of your trip!