Tuesday, April 21, 2009

old school goodies.

meet henry!
{how do you do?}

i found him through craigslist! it's $20 well spent. i met up with caroline at college station and did our exchange there. i've tracked down stores that still sell polaroid film and i will be buying them this weekend.
i am so happy. i've already taken henry for a test drive around the neighborhood and he works wonderfully! my dad also found my box of polaroids from two years ago. i will scan them once i get the chance.

lovely presents from john:

utter bliss.


liza said...

Just wanted to mention I enjoy your new banner! Also, your post made me giggle because my cat is named Henry and I imagined taking him for a test drive. Ha.

potty mouth mama said...

Love your Polaroid, he's cute. Silhouettes are the bomb - love them!

Danielle said...

I want a Henry to document my days!