Monday, November 2, 2009

i did the unthinkable and cheap thing and used 12 milkettes to put into my oatmeal. i was just too tired and lazy to go downstairs to buy myself a carton of milk. it won't happen again, promise. tomorrow i'm having a muffin.

ikea... evil. their $1.00 breakfast is genius and evil. they lure you for cheap but yummy breakfast. because it's so cheap you decide to have two plates, and because you've had two you decide to take a walk around the store so that you can burn off 1/16 of the calories you consumed. and then you start wanting. and wanting turns into buying. so your $2.00 breakfast turns into a lacquer table. or a bunch of frames.

linden update:
yes, linden is back! we picked him up on saturday and meowed like crazy in his little cage when he saw me. he's back to his normal self: eating like crazy, rolling around on the carpet and welcoming us at the door. it took us a day to get him to take his antibiotics. no sweet talk or cajoling worked. and just when we thought the pill was down his throat, he managed to spit out the pill. he's one smart cat. but not smart enough. tuna+pill+hunger=perfect condition to take the pill.
i didn't know that petcare, at least for cats, could be so expensive...much more expensive than humancare (us humans have ohip). but having him back here outweighs it all.

hardeeharhar. my mom added me on facebook. hahahaha.
i won't be mean though. of course i'll accept her as a friend.

i saw the prettiest pair of boots today. it actually went past my knees. very chic, stylish. michael kors. i asked if they're okay for winter.
the woman just flatly said, "they're fashion boots". enough said.

filipino-ish dessert
check this out. tapioca and coconut and milk and sugar. yum-o. note: le post est en fran├žais!

everyone, have a good week :) enjoy the "extra" hour of sleep.


Celine said...

hahaha! The milk thing made me laugh! That's amazing.

Glad linden is back to his normal self :)

r= said...

yay! i'm glad linden is ok!!!!

animal petcare can add up that's for sure. that's why we're thinkin' of pet insurance, that can help in the long run