Wednesday, August 11, 2010


my siblings did such a good job with birthday presents this year that i must share!
from my sister i got the prettiest tea set (cups+saucers, dessert plates, creamer, sugar pot and a teapot). i don't really drink tea. the closest thing to tea that i drink is um, bubble tea and tea that they serve in japanese/chinese restaurants. i don't really go out of my way to make myself one. when i want something warm and comforting to drink, i usually go for coffee or a latte. my room is like a little kitchen cupboard with my teapots and teacups and cake stand. the next thing i want not pans...but worse: fake little macarons. harhar.

i love the packaging...just like hat boxes

she also got me a copy of miss dahl's voluptuous delights !

i must admit that i have been watching delicious miss dahl over and over again. when i want to induce myself to sleepiness, this is what i watch. not because it's boring but because her voice is so calm and soothing and her show has the best soundtrack ever. unfortunately the BBC cancelled it. she wasn't very well received in the UK: she was accused of being a nigella wannabe, was slammed for her want of kitchen skills, and was criticized for exploiting her "rich girl" and literary (her grandfather is roald dahl) roots to create a cookbook (blargh, but who doesn't really these days? we've got disney actors/actresses-turned-singers). but argh, sophie, we love you here. she is exactly what we need. i think food shows nowadays are either too testosteroned or too technical. every week they take you to the grocery or the market. sophie dahl cooks from childhood memories and takes you to a fromagerie one day, an antique store, to the cemetery or to the seaside. her food is easy and simple to make and if i had to describe it would be like a blankie or your favorite doll: it's comforting.

my brother bought me four of the pretty penguin classics designed by coralie bickford-smith to start off my collection (which has led to a purchase of another eleven from i only have 5 left to collect (have to wait until they are released in september). unfortunately crime & punishment and madame bovary are sold out, and i refuse to buy lady chatterley's lover (the last thing i want is for one of my future/imaginary kids to crack open the book and lose themselves in lady c's lustful escapades with a...gardener? was lady c's lover a gardener? i only know this because i HAD to read it for school and write a paper on it).

i remember reading little women when i was in grade 2. having re-read it as an adult, i have to say that i still hate amy and love jo but have now finally come to terms with the fact that she ended up with mr baer and not laurie. jo and laurie would have killed each other.

i love the bookmarks.

that is all. i should really update this blog more often.
today felt like thursday. it should be friday tomorrow but alas it isn't.
if you want to buy the tea sets, indigo still has them. as for the books, hurry before they are all gone!
have a good week all :)


john said...

great set of photographs melissa. have you tried cooking anything from miss dahl's cookbook?

Ayalah said...

Lovely tea set Melissa - such pretty colours and the metallics! Maybe they can be used to serve something that suits you, even if it isn't tea? :)

karyn said...

hi! happy birthday! pretty gifts all around. i love the colourful tea set especially.